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Addicted to hetalia axis powers and trying to make fanarts of it




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Tired of Rubbish-ish

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so ima gonna just posting my drawing links :) :)

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The "Rabbit Doubt"

A popular cellphone game, called "Rabbit Doubt" has been spread to all Japan.
Its simple, the game is about finding the "liar wolf" among the rabbits that will kill all the rabbits by a strategical game.

A group of Teenager who played it together were planning to gather on some fun, such as karaoke, hang out etc..

They are starting from Aikawa Yuu that go with Mitsuki Houyama, his childhood friend that accidentally meet Yuu when she went shopping with her father that day. Then Eiji Hoshi and Akechi Haruka who played Rabbit Doubt with Yuu are appear, then Hazama Rei, a pretty girl that use a wheelchair because of an accident. The last, Koumaba Hajime cant come because of a business.

When they had fun on Karaoke, Yuu have a chance for talking private to Rei. Its revealed that Rei is used to be a Hypnotism Girl Show on TV thats popular 3-4 years ago. Yuu wants to keep their lil secret, but Eiji open it in front of them that Rei's show is a lie and then Rei was stopped from Entertainment world. Rei cried, everyone support Rei and then the situation come back for relax.
Yuu is looking for Eiji that hasnt came back from toilet, he go there and got his head is smacked.. .

Yuu wake up, he found his self in a room, an empty room with Hajime, the one who cant come because of a business and Mitsuki. Then they met with Haruka and Eiji. They are all shocked, when they found Rei's dead body hung on the wall with blood covers it.
They look at her phone that fall, and found a "Rabbit Doubt" game. and also found a barcode on their body,its revealed that it can open a door on the building, but just once, so they think, they could find doors and get out with their barcodes in a team. Yuu become so confused because its only him who doesn't have a barcode, but he's hiding it.

Then, Each of them starts to dissapear, starts to die one by one, no one can trust the others. Now. They are really trapped on "Rabbit Doubt" game, with one wolf among them..
Yuu never know.. this all started from his little lie..

The moral from this anime, dont lied, its not good for yourself, because there are lot of people, that cant accept your lie.. even its for goodness, be honest, even its a very sucks fact.. You coudnt make this world all beautiful..

"You lied, all people here are liars, thats why they have to died!"
-- The Wolf

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Choi Wheesung (I on't Know What I am Thinking until I Type This)

Choi Wheesung (최휘성,) is a Korean R&B Singer but in his stage name he usually called by Wheesung or Real Slow (???) He was born in Seoul, Korea on February 5, 1982. This year (2009) he is turned to 27. *Just count it :p*

Start of his debut!!
Wheesung began his career in 1999 with the short lived Korean boy band, A4. He left after the band's first album debut, citing musical differences between himself and the other members of the band. After being released from A4, he signed onto M Boat, a former sister company to YG Entertainment. He underwent a few years of vocal training under the label and released his first solo album Like A Movie in 2002. The album became very popular after receiving praise from many well-known artists, including Seo Taiji and Shin Seung Hun. In 2003, he released his second album, It's Real. It proved to be as popular as his first, making him the best selling artist of 2003 in Korea. Unlike his debut album, It's Real wasn't restricted to R&B and it included different musical elements like pop and hip-hop. Wheesung left YG Entertainment after his contract expired in March 2006. He signed a new contract that is reportedly worth 1.5 million won with his new company Orange Shock Agency. It was stated that he will be composing and producing more with his new company giving him more freedom to do so.

Korean Cover of Craig David's Insomnia (I LOVE THIS REALLY YOU MUST WATCH IT!)

In late 2008, Wheesung was asked by British R&B artist Craig David to record the Korean version of his hit single Insomnia. The music video was released on February 17, 2009 and Wheesung's comeback performance was broadcast by Mnet on February 19. The Korean from Wheesung version is cool!

To watch Wheesung's Video INSOMNIA

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Kimi Wa Pet

Kimi wa Pet (or Kimi wa Petto) is a shoujo story about a woman named Sumire Iwaya, that has been dumped by many men because of her "perfectness". In a pressured of work she has been drunked and in the middle of the way go home she found a box with the young man inside!
Then she take home that unconscious young man and found that young man is homeless. Sumire was joking with said that she let that young man stay in her house if he wants to be her "pet". But Sumire is shocked when that young man say yes. Finally Sumire takes him as her pet and named him "Momo", Sumire's dog name when she was in Junior high.and then sumire found that momo real name is Gouda Takeshi (some kind of doraemon?) and know that he works as a dancer. At the first all gone well until there is a man named Hasumi Shigehito that wants sumire as his girlfriend and finally they are going out. and the problems come now beside that, Momo finally feel the other feelings for sumire. How Sumire hide the fact from Hasumi that she has a human "pet"? and will Hasumi found out?

This story has been published in 'Kiss" magazine and later Kimi wa Pet is made as live action

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Dynasty Warriors Girls

First.. i lay on the bed now.. because of the sick.. Later, this blog just update bout.. Death Note (all.. the game also) and Blogger History in Indonesian languange, Kuroshitsuji, Princess Princess and Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae. If you see my older post,there will be so much about Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors etc..

I am gonna talk about it again now.
About our beautiful and cute Dynasty Warriors girls!


Yue Ying

Yue Ying first appeared in the series in Dynasty Warriors 4. She is Zhuge Liang's wife. Wanting to prove her own worth, she invented Shu's Juggernauts and wooden oxen. In the Dynasty Warriors series, she is 23 years old.
Anyway.. she has a minor role in Dynasty Warriors 6.

Xing Cai

Xing Cai (星彩) is a character from Dynasty Warriors 5 and the second female character in Shu's roster. She is a fictional interpretation of Liu Chan's two wives, both of whom were Zhang Fei's daughters. Together with her childhood friend, Guan Ping, she is portrayed as the future of Shu. She is one of the newcomers to be cut in the following title. In the Dynasty Warriors series, she is 19 years old.


Sun Shang Xiang

The best Dynasty Warriors girl ever.. a very tough and tomboy princess of Sun family and Wu Kingdom.
Sun Shang Xiang first appears as a character in Dynasty Warriors and continues to appear in every title in the series. Known as the lady of Wu, her father is Sun Jian and she is Sun Ce and Sun Quan's younger sister. She is historically married to Liu Bei but this doesn't always occur in the games. In the Dynasty Warriors series, she is 18 years old. She's just so deadly with her Chakram (but koei change it into bow in dynasty warriors 6)

Xiao Qiao

Hyperactive, cheerful.cute and childish.. it's her. Xiao Qiao is character introduced in Dynasty Warriors 3. The younger of the Two Qiaos, she is Da Qiao's younger sister and is also Zhou Yu's wife. Prior to the Battle at Chi Bi, it is said Zhuge Liang told her husband that Cao Cao wanted his wife. This considerably upset Zhou Yu and he agreed to resist Wei. In the Dynasty Warriors series, she is 16 years old, making her the youngest female in the series. She makes me so jealous, how come this cheeky child marry a very handsome guy like Zhou Yu?? Omg..

Da Qiao

Feminine and sweet girl from Wu.Da Qiao is character introduced in Dynasty Warriors 3 and is one of the characters cut in Dynasty Warriors 6. She is Xiao Qiao's eldest sister and they are known throughout the land as the Two Qiaos. She is the wife of Sun Ce. In the Dynasty Warriors series, she is 17 years old. She has a minor role in Dynasty Warriors.

Zhen Ji

Zhen Ji (甄姫, Shinki) first appeared in Dynasty Warriors 3 and is the only female character for Wei. She is depicted as slightly arrogant and snobbish with each successive title exaggerating these characteristics further. She is Cao Pi's wife. She is originally one of Yuan Xi's wives but this is not always mentioned in the games. In the Dynasty Warriors series, she is 25 years old. Anyway.. i don't like her.


Diao Chan
Here come, our glamorous,sexy and sweet diva. Diao Chan is one of the first female characters to appear in Dynasty Warriors series. She is portrayed as an extremely beautiful and feminine woman who is affiliated with Dong Zhuo and is usually Lu Bu's lover. Due to the open nature of her origin, she can either be seen as a malicious or loving character. In the Dynasty Warriors series, she is 19 years old. She's more loveble and deadly with her moonflower chain whip in Dynasty Warriors.. Watch out guys!

For More INFO About Koei Others game or Warriors series you can go straight to:

I will go ahead with other girls in Warriors orochi or Samurai warriors next time.. BYE BYE!